A surreal experience depicting the life of Gecko, a troubled young man on a journey to pay his debts. What happens is determined by the choices you make.

Made for Ludum Dare 45, by  JustMars, Raffe, Happy Tomato and jokku

The game features over a dozen different cutscenes/events, which are determined by your decisions. There are also multiple alternative endings, which should grant some replay value.

Inspired by genre defining titles such as Bandersnatch, Reigns and sakarin villapaitapeli.

Changes in version 1.0.1:

  • Fixed a bug in a certain cutscene which caused it to play broken
  • Fixed a bug which caused the stats to not display correctly during the first description screen on a new run
  • Made descriptions after cutscenes more readable, along with the help section in the main menu
  • Some descriptions were shortened to make them more clear
  • Slightly extended the time during descriptions (about 3/4 of a second)
  •  Added a quit button to the main menu for Windows and macOS builds
  •  Slightly changed the visuals of the button which opens return menu to make it more in-line with the rest of the UI
  •  Reduced the build sizes

Install instructions

Just make sure that the data folders, UnityPlayer.dll and .exe are in the same file directory (like folder or desktop etc). Then you should be able to run the game.


Gecko's Cabinet 1.0.1 Win.zip 18 MB
Gecko's Cabinet 1.0.1 macOS.zip 19 MB
Gecko's Cabinet 1.0 Win.zip 20 MB

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